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The Drake White Rock was inspired by The Golden Ratio...


The Drake White Rock was inspired by The Golden Ratio, also known as the Divine Proportion. The Golden Ratio is a unique mathematical relationship that can be expressed in geometric shapes. These shapes are often seen in nature and embraced by architects and mathematicians since Ancient Greece. Renowned architects and artists have proportioned their works to approximate the Golden Ratio, believing this to be aesthetically pleasing. These architectural proportions were fundamental to The Drake White Rock’s design and can be seen throughout the exterior and interior elements. Discover why this design is so important and relatable to your daily life at our Lakewood Dallas, TX residences.

The terrace of The Drake apartments with lush green grass and plenty of room for kids and pets.

The Drake Exterior

Rendering Of the lobby


Large sparkling blue resort style pool with ample lounge chairs for laying out and relaxing.

Swimming Pool

Spacious and well lit living room with wood floors and large windows with a views of Dallas at The Drake

Penthouse Entry

Penthouse living room with large windows and ceiling fan at The Drake

Penthouse Living Room